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Hi, I'm Delores



As a Forest Park resident for more than 1/2  a decade, I am an engaged and devoted resident who believes in contributing, as much as I can, to improving my community and making it the best it can be.  As a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 7, I believe Forest Park has great potential for the best place in the county to live, work, and play for multiple generations.  My platform is simple;  I want to help bring a brighter day to Forest Park!  I will work  hard to: 

  • Bring better paying jobs to Forest Park

  • Support public safety in their work to keep our residents safe

  • Keep residents informed

  • Bring better grocery stores and retail establishments to the city!

 I am passionate about PEOPLE, so I want our city to have a people-first approach.  We need leadership who is focused on engaging with and serving YOU - the people!  That is what I bring to the table.  That is why I'm seeking to be the "Top GUNN" for Forest Park.  The city deserves a brighter day and I need your vote to make that happen.  


I have had a thriving, multi-facet career of service over the years and I am looking to extend that to the Office of the Mayor!  From serving as a Learning Center Director for Boys & Girls Clubs of Georgia to serving as a Community Outreach Coordinator for a local church, I have always loved working in ways that allow me to serve people and make things better.  My commitment to you, if elected, is that I commit to leave the city better than I find it and will work to make sure this city is a better place for you to live, work, and play -- everyday!  


Equality Meets Opportunity

We Need A Mission Statement

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